Boots No.7 Hydraluminous range

For the last few months I have been trying out the No7 hydraluminous range from Boots.

I was contacted by the fabulous team at the Ards shopping centre No.7 counter to see if I would like to try out two of their skincare products as well as their hydraluminous moisturising foundation and under eye concealer. Of course my answer was YES! If you know me then you will know I love a new product to try, particularly when it comes to foundation. I’m always on the hunt for my ultimate fav foundation….especially one with a high street price tag!

My first thoughts turned to the fact that it’s called a ‘moisturising foundation’. How would this fair and would it make the foundation slide off my face. I would say I have oily to combination skin so would added moisture be a negative for me?

I was intrigued by what the ingredients were to understand more about the claims this foundation makes. I discovered that the foundation includes an active blend of anti-oxidants: vitamins A, C and E as well as grapeseed oil to provide moisturising properties. Sounds good so far but these are ingredients you would expect to see more in serums and skincare rather than your makeup. The idea (targeted at lazy millennials lol) is ‘skip care’ rather than skin care. The idea that your makeup can multitask as a skincare and a makeup so you can ‘skip’ the prep and save time I guess. But the main test would be in the application….

Disclaimer: I’m a full coverage kinda gal! Always! So I was a little unsure of what I would think of this but I was pleasantly surprised! The foundation I would say is a light to definitely medium coverage so if that’s your jam then look no further! For me with still some adult acne and residual scarring I probably would still stick to a heavier coverage foundation but for days when you are having a good skin day or days you just don’t want to be caked in makeup this is definitely a foundation I have been reaching for! There is definitely a luminosity and healthy glow from the skin when applied and the foundation to me almost feels like a gel, it’s cooling and glides on with ease. It contains SPF 15 which is fab for a high street foundation and therefore I really think I would enjoy this product on holiday.

Another plus for me was the packaging. It’s streamline, in a flat tube type container rather than a bottle which fits better in my makeup bag and takes up less room for sure!

For £15 do I think this foundation is worth the money? All in all…yes! It lives up to its claims; it’s luminous, feels moisturising and with an spf as well you really can’t go wrong here. If you are a full coverage ONLY type of person then this won’t be for you but I have found it’s actually changed my view on only wearing full coverage all the time. I like wearing this on nightshift for example, when I want to feel fresh and I’m not wearing a heavy full face of makeup. I don’t know if I’d skip the skincare though girls, for me personally.

Hydraluminous Dark circle concealer

So this is the corresponding concealer from the range. But don’t be silly like me who started using this as an actual concealer rather than for my under eyes 🙈 It’s called a dark circle concealer for a reason Emma! 🤣

So once I started using this concealer as it is intended, under my eyes I was SO impressed! I wouldn’t have really said that dark circles was something I suffered with but after using this I’m not so sure! This absolutely brightens the under-eye area, giving the appearance of fresher and more radiant skin.

The dark circle concealer, much like the foundation, contains an antioxidant complex, as well as Vitamins A and C. Plus, it includes anti-inflammatory caffeine and an ingredient called Haloxyl, which No7 says should help lessen dark circles.

I have been really loving this product and it’s become a product I never knew I needed! At £14 I think it’s worth the hype but the applicator is a foam sponge which I know can divide people. Personally I like it but I’m sure that but can be removed much like I know people do with the maybelline eraser eye concealer!

Of the two items this would probably be my favourite as it’s a product I can use with the Hydraluminous foundation OR with any other foundation I already have so for me it’s a more versatile item. LOVE!

Huge thanks to Annette and 7beautyblog7 for contacting me to review these products! #gifted

Thanks for reading,

Emz xx

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