Red or dead! West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week Press Launch

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Last Thursday 24/08/17 was the press show launch of the 24th season of West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week and yours truly was lucky enough to be invited by none other than Cathy Martin of CMPR! (Thanks Cathy!)

The show was held in Bullit a fairly new hotel/bar/restaurant in the city centre. I hadn’t had the chance to visit yet so I was really pleased to see this was the location for the event! It was held at lunch time 12-1 so a little different to most other events I have been to. Working full time and not in the city centre I normally wouldn’t have been able to make the event but as luck would have it I had booked the day off well in advance as I was heading to a wedding reception that evening so it worked out great! I am so glad I was able to attend my first fashion week launch! 

We were greeted with a complinatary west coast cooler on arrival in the most stylish glasses (I need to get one). And we got our photos taken as we went in. The place was packed with PR people, journalists, influencers, bloggers and fashionistas all of whom were really excited to see the show. There was a great buzz and it was so nice to see so many people I knew. 

After a little catch up it was time for the show. I had a prime spot at the beginning of the catwalk so I could see the CMPR models as they began to strut their stuff and also got a little sneak peek of who was up next. 

The biggest theme was definitely RED. It’s really got me thinking what red items I have in my wardrobe and I will definitely be on a look out for some statement red pieces coming into the autumn months. 

There was a mixture of highstreet as well as designer which I love as this makes it accessible for everyone. Some of the highstreet pieces I was sure were designer, it was so hard to tell! One of the pieces I know caught a lot of people’s eye was this shearling coat form George at Asda at only £35 I believe! 

-What I wore-

With only a couple of days notice to prepare I had a slight panic as to what to wear. We were sent out a list of all the inspirations behind this years AW17 show in order to help us plan our outfits so thankfully I had a little something to go on! I wouldn’t say I am fashionable but I do like to follow the trends (assuming they suit me and aren’t too out there!) to a certain extent. I had a rummage through my wardrobe and came across a dress I had bought recently in the next sale for only £20. I didn’t have anything in mind when I bought the dress I just thought it was a good bargain and when I tried it on I felt comfortable and dare I say it ‘stylish’. I felt the dress was flattering on me and although a bold lime green, the black panelling made it look a bit more sophisticated. I don’t have too many mid length dresses in my wardrobe so I went for it despite the daring colour. I noticed on the list of AW17 trends coloured fur was mentioned and although not fur I thought the brightness of my dress might somehow lend itself to the theme. Also bare in mind we are still in August and it was a particularly warm day so fur really wasn’t an option! With the dress I knew I needed something to go with it and so my trusty leather jacket from George at Asda which I wear all the time came too! As it would happen leather was also noted on the AW17 trend list- winner! 

For shoes I was a bit stuck! With a midi dress I would tend to wear heeled sandals but it felt too spring/summer when I tried them on. And then I had a brainwave! I had recently bought a gorgeous pair of cut out shoe boots from primark which I had yet to wear! Personally I don’t think I would have paired them with my outfit had I not been going to the fashion week launch but I guess the invite made me be a little more daring with my choices and pushed me out of my comfort zone which is great! The shoes have insect embellishment which is huge at the minute and I’m sure will be going into autumn/winter 17. The shoes also have a red floral design which fell into one of Cathy’s other inspirations for the show, RED.  The shoes although only having a little pop of red still (I hope) gave a little nod to the trend. I picked them up in the abbey centre primark recently and they were a huge hit in my Instagram at the time! (@scientist_in_the_city)

Overall I loved my outfit and what I put together, I got so many compliments and I felt really good in it. I loved that an invite to the fashion week launch pushed my fashion boundaries even just a little and gave me the confidence to wear something I hadn’t worn before in way I normally wouldn’t. I can’t wait to wear this outfit again over the autumn winter season!

Me and some of my blogger buddies! Photo credit: Debbie Deboo

When we were leaving we were given a fabulous goodie bag filled to the brim with some local producers. From Ballymaloe relish to He-Shi tan! We were very well looked after so a huge thank you to all those involved.

I can’t wait for fashion week to begin now! It’s running from 26th-30th October and the shows are being held in Belfast St.Anne’s cathedral, a beautiful venue! Top of my list is the highstreet heaven show on 27th October! 

For tickets and more info visit:

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Emz xx


KISS Summer Party at The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

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Last month I received one of the most exciting blog related e-mails I have ever had! If you follow my Instagram (if not then why not?!) @scientist_in_the_city then you will already know that I was kindly invited by the lovely people at Alex Silver PR to attend an event for KISS who specialise in nails and lashes.

Now, when I get invited to any event it’s a privilege and I’m always excited but this one just so happened to be on the rooftop of The Merchant hotel in Belfast! Again, if you have followed me for a while now you will know this is one of my favourite places ever! My boyfriend has taken me to stay there for my last two birthdays (lucky girl!) and it’s become one of our favourite places. So of course any excuse to go back and I’m all over it! 

The event itself was held on a lovely sunny Wednesday evening in June which worked out particularly well considering we were on the roof, so thanks for bringing the nice weather with you to Belfast, Alex Silver PR! There was so much hype and a real buzz surrounding this event as so many NI bloggers had been invited and I think we were all as excited as each other about not only seeing what KISS had to offer but it was really nice for us all to be in one place and to have a bit of a catch up or indeed to meet new people and put faces to the online names! 

KISS is one of Alex Silver PR’s client brands and so the purpose of the event was to showcase what they have to offer in the world of nails and lashes and also I believe it was the first time Alex Silver PR had visited the Emerald Isle. On arrival, we headed up to the rooftop and were greeted by the Alex Silver PR team and Alex Silver herself. The guys provided us with a little card giving us all the social media hashtags and links we would need for the event in order to share it with our followers (a nice touch!)

We were straight away handed a Bellini and then shown all the fabulous products on display. The infamous Paddy McGurgan MUA and some of his team from the Make-Up Pro store in Belfast were there at their own little lash and nails stations where we were treated to manicures and lash applications. Now having heard of the brand KISS before only briefly I was aware of their nails but wasn’t just so knowledgable of their lashes and I especially didn’t know they had their own lash adhesive which you can purchase separately. I first of all got a manicure and I selected the KISS salon acrylic French style nails as I figured you can’t go wrong with a classic French manicure. It was so strange having someone apply false nails for me, but a nice change from having to do it myself! 

There were so many other styles I could have chosen from and to be honest once I started to see what the other girls had went for I was a little jealous! KISS do some really cute yet professional looking nail styles in a range of colours and effects but I figured with work in the morning I best play it safe and go French! The nails felt so secure, the glue provided is fantastic. I had to remind myself occasionally that they weren’t my own nails. They are thicker than most false nails I have tried so maybe this made them feel more real. They are definitely a quality product. 

But trust me, those sparkly ‘love’ nails that Alison from the blog ‘passionsandpreening’ got are the ones I’m going for next! Adorable (see below!)

Next up I headed to the lash bar and got the style daisy applied by one of the make up pro store team. Luckily I hadn’t put any lashes on myself before the event! These lashes were subtle but a bit more exaggerated towards the outer corner and I was really chuffed with the result. For me, when I go to the effort of wearing false lashes it’s to create a more dramatic look and so I want them to be noticeable. This tapered lash give the right effect. 

It was such a lovely evening, the weather was great and the atmosphere was superb. The hospitality from the Merchant was (as always) fantastic from making sure we all had a drink to the delicious nibbles that were provided! Those burgers were every bit as good as they looked and the little fish and chips were so delicious! 

Everyone I met seemed to really enjoy the event and it was a great opportunity for us all to catch up like I said, but for me I also met a lot of new bloggers who I maybe followed but had never had the opportunity to cross paths with. 

Catching up with the lovely Siobhan from the blog ‘shivonstyle’

So thank you Alex Silver PR and KISS for a great event and welcome to Northern Ireland! I for one can’t wait until you come back! Looking forward to trying out all my goodies and will have a KISS giveaway up on my Instagram once I hit 1000 followers…getting closer! Eek!

KISS products are available from Gordon’s chemists and Superdrug. I also spied some of their nails in ASDA the other day! 

Thanks for reading, 

Emz xx

Finn Lough Resort bubble domes

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In May myself and my boyfriend visited Finn Lough resort in Enniskillen for our one year anniversary. I first heard of Finn Lough towards the end of last year when they released their ‘bubble domes’. It seemed like every local blogger was talking about it and I had read some really good reviews. I shared it on facebook a few times and unbeknown to me my boyfriend actually tried to book it for my birthday in January, unfortunately it was fully booked so we decided to go in May instead which we figured would be a good idea based on the good old Northern Irish weather!

The build up to our trip was so exciting, I was following their instagram for months and was constantly checking for any new reviews as we really didn’t know what to expect. We couldn’t wait to get there and experience what it was like to sleep under the stars in one of the most unique (and glamorous) ways possible.

One thing to note is the price, now some might find it reasonable but personally I thought £175 bed and breakfast in a glorified tent was a tad steep. However, having since returned and looked on the site again, I can see prices can vary significantly and what we paid was on the lower end of the scale!

When we arrived on a VERY unseasonably warm Thursday in May we were greeted in reception by a really helpful woman who informed us that due to someone accidentally deflating the bubble dome earlier in the day, we wouldn’t be able to visit it just yet. Also, due to the intense heat, we were advised that it was best to wait until the dome cooled down before entering it. Finn lough said they had catered well for keeping the domes warm in winter but not really allowed for the hot temperatures we were getting and so although there is constant air flow in the dome, there is no way to keep them cool enough to be habitable once the sun is directly overhead and beaming in.

I have to say that Finn Lough handled this situation extremely well and apologised for the delay in getting us into our dome. We were whisked away on a golf buggy down to the lough side where there was a picnic table waiting for us with a beautiful traditional tartan picnic blanket complete with an ice bucket of prosecco and bottled water on the house. We were totally shocked and it definitely made our stay that more special and romantic as its something we wouldn’t have thought to do ourselves. And with such stunning weather , situated on the edge of the lough, totally secluded, it was bliss (and perfect for some selfies!). They asked if there was anything else they could get us and before we could answer they suggested some local crafts ciders/beers, soft drinks and a box of delicious brownies straight from their Finn Lough Kitchen. We were completely spoilt and it definitely made up for not getting into our bubble dome straight away. A few hours passed and we were picked up by the golf buggy and brought to our dome were everything was explained (so that we didn’t deflate it!) as well as how to control the heat/air flow.

We stood in amazement for a few minutes just taking it all in, it was amazing. Each dome is surrounded by a fence and trees with it’s own private path and gate. This is something almost everyone has asked since hearing about our trip and that is ‘could people not look in and see you’ and the answer is most definitely no! Imagine! Also to note, there is electricity and power sockets, a functioning toilet and shower so no need to worry on that front. However there is no TV or wifi so you will have to be sociable and speak to one another haha!

The bubble domes give you the effect of sleeping outside with all the comforts of a hotel room. This was my first experience of ‘glamping’ and I loved it. The bed was immensely comfortable and we each had a robe and slippers. Even the shower area has a clear mini dome so you can literally shower under the stars, there is nothing primitive about this accommodation! I have to say there is nothing quite like being woken up naturally by the sunlight and the sound of birds tweeting all around you. Surprisingly the sun didn’t wake us up at the crack of dawn and we slept soundly.

Would I stay in a bubble dome again? The answer is yes! Though I wouldn’t be rushing back straight away. It really is one of those one off novelty kind of trips, not something you would do regularly. Someday I would love to return, however having looked about the entire Finn Lough resort I see that there is a lot more to offer than just the domes and in fact I would love to return to stay in some of their other kinds of accommodation such as the lakeside lodges!

For more information on Finn Lough check out their social media or

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Emz xx

My 27th Birthday

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Well what a week it has been! I turned 27 on Wednesday 6th January and I booked the entire week off in order to celebrate, little did I know what was in store!

My boyfriend took me to The Merchant Hotel in Belfast as a surprise for dinner and to stay overnight. Best surprise of my life. I felt like a princess from start to finish! 👸🏼 

We had an Art Deco room on the second floor which was absolutely stunning and total luxury. The vanity mirror was a personal favourite and the bathroom (which was more like a mini spa) was to die for! He didn’t stop there, after the most romantic three course meal I think I have ever had, we returned to our room where he handed me a Michael Kors bag and a princess cake! 

As you can imagine, I didn’t want to leave the next day but I can truly say I had the best birthday ever. 

Thanks Robert for making me feel so special ❤️