Happy New Year 2016


Welcome back to my blog, here is my first post for 2016!

This New Year’s Eve I was working 1-9 and on New Year’s Day I had a 9-3 shift so I didn’t get up to anything too crazy! Instead I had a mini party with the other half and tried to make the most of it! I’m not a huge fan of new year anyway so this was plenty! 

I got some cute decorations to jazz up my kitchen table and got some fun New Years themed photobooth props (if you seen my Halloween soirée blog post you will see a theme here haha) 

We watched my favourite ever episode of friends at midnight which was I thought was quite apt for the day. In case you are wondering it’s season 5, episode 11…the one with all the resolutions. Basically the one where Joey learns to play the guitar and Ross gets a pair of leather pants! LOL

Did you guys get up to anything fun for new year? I’d love to hear your New Years resolutions! 

Thanks for reading 

Emz xx


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