Hello 2018….where have I been?!

Hi guys!

Happy new year! Ok, I know what your thinking….’Emma, it’s February?!’

I know, I know and I’m sorry! I have been here I promise! If you follow me on Instagram (@scientist_in_the_city) I have still been active daily over there but in terms of a physical blog post…nada!

I think I just lost my mojo for it for a little while, and to be honest life has just been so busy that the blog has just had to take a back seat for a little while!

I have so many product reviews and things to talk about on here so I should have lots of content coming but please be patient as I am currently in the process of trying to sell my apartment in Belfast and we have an offer on a HOUSE in the country, yes a real life grown up house! So that’s been taking up the majority of my time as you can imagine. Big changes in the scientist in the city world right now! So much so that I’m thinking that scientist in the city may have to have a name change to scientist in the sticks once we move! Haha (I’m joking, I will just be a fraud!)

So I promise to fill you all in and catch you all up once I get my life back in order but for now keep an eye on here for some reviews and always keep an eye on my Instagram for daily ramblings!

2017 was such a fantastic year. When I did my yearly roundup on Instagram at the end of last year I simply couldn’t believe how many events and blog related outings and experiences I’d had. I’m forever thankful to all the brands and companies who want to work with me and so grateful for all the blogger friends I have made. But mostly I’m thankful to you guys who engage with me, follow my blog and support me like you do! Here’s to an amazing 2018 for Scientist in the city (and for all of you as well!) I’m excited for what’s to come!

Thanks for reading,

Emz xx

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