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Hello again!

Over the last few weeks there have been some really exciting outdoor cinema events popping up locally and here’s my run down!

First off,

Back to the future [Solitude Park, Banbridge: Friday 18th September / Admission: FREE]


This FREE event was hosted by the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council and The Iveagh Cinema, Banbridge in preparation for the 30th anniversary of the iconic movie classic, Back to the Future, starring the one and only Marty McFly accompanied of course by Doc Brown and the home grown De Lorean time machine.

As a long time lover of the back to the future trilogy this was an absolute must for me and my friends who are die hard fans! The fact that this event was taking place on a September evening was a bit of a worry as the weather could have made it a total wash out, however the rain stayed away and it was a fantastic evening. Hundreds of locals descended upon Solitude park and enjoyed an evening of outdoors fun, wrapped in blankets and eating popcorn. Many, including ourselves brought picnics and came in groups or as a family. It was really nice to see so many people out supporting a local arts event and really getting into the spirit of it all. There was even a De Lorean on display for those who wanted to get in and take a selfie or two….

Next up,

Toy Story [Solitude Park, Banbridge: Friday 9th October / Admission: FREE]

toy story

You might be sensing a trend here….Yes this was another outdoor cinema held in the same venue as before and again hosted by the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council and The Iveagh Cinema, Banbridge . After the success of the back to the future screening, the council quickly announced the next movie to be shown (much to my delight). Although I believe this movie choice was primarily for the local kids in the community, that didn’t stop me from being second row to view another one of my favourite films on the big screen! A similar set up to before only this time with the addition of hot food available for purchase which was a welcome addition on a chilly autumn evening. Once more we were amazingly lucky with the weather as it remained dry throughout and  it wasn’t too cold if you came prepared with layers and blankets. If its possible then i think toy story had a slightly higher turn out than back to the future which is fantastic given the time of year.

I cant speak highly enough of these outdoor cinema events and eagerly await the next announcement! I would highly recommend taking a trip to Banbridge for this at least once even if you aren’t a local because it really is a unique experience and hey….its free!!

And finally,

The Hunger games [Hillview retail park, Crumlin Road, Belfast: Saturday 10th October / Admission £5 per car]

hunger games

This time (only the day after toy story might I add) I tried something I hadn’t done in ages and that was a drive in cinema. I have been to a couple of these in the past but not for a few years and I wish it was something that happened more regularly. The main attraction to this event for me was that it literally happened across the road from my apartment and as a fan of the hunger games movies that made it doubly exciting. This showing was a creative Belfast project presented by Draw Down the Walls and Belfast Film Festival. The only downfall of this event was that it took place at 12am and for me I would have preferred an evening showing. However, there were two other films shown on the big screen later that day so there was something for everyone! The beauty of a drive in cinema is that its not so dependent on the weather but again it was a dry, clear day which made for perfect viewing. Popcorn was available for sale too but I was prepared with my trusted picnic basket filled with goodies which added to the fun.

I have been so impressed with these type of events and really hope it’s the start of something great! I hope you have enjoyed my novice reviews, stay tuned for more!

Have you been to any local events like this lately? Let me know below, I would love to hear about it!

Emz xx

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