Figurehead EP Launch

animal divorce

Last Friday (16/10/15) after a very hectic late shift in the lab, I headed straight from the metropolis of Dundonald to O’Reilly’s Bar, Banbridge (Formerly Jamie’s) for a gig showcasing a few local bands.

The headliners, Figurehead are a relatively new 3 piece set up from the Banbridge area. *DISCLAIMER* I am friends with the band but as a scientist I am used to remaining unbiased, so don’t take this glowing review with a pinch of salt! The gig was an EP launch for the band’s new track ‘Animal Divorce’ and if you are fan of the band already then this song will most certainly not disappoint. Having seen Figurehead perform on a number of occasions now, the one thing I enjoy most is seeing the energy the guys have which is reflected in their on stage presence. So much so in fact that the drummer ‘Fuzz’ has left gigs bleeding on occasion! I would describe Figurehead as a rock band with a modern twist. Their signature style sees them incorporate sound bites into their music which is different, edgy and I love it. These guys are great, and they deserve to go places due to their sheer determination and I wish them all the best!

For more information on Figurehead, check out their Facebook page. You can also hear their music on Soundcloud and purchase on iTunes.

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