Curvy Chic Bridal – Northern Ireland’s first plus size retailer 

Hi guys, 

Last week I was kindly invited down to Curvy Chic Bridal in Dundonald for a sneak peak of what they have to offer in the world of weddings! 

Now, I’m not married nor am I engaged so I have to admit I was not only a bit naive in terms of how much weddings can cost but totally unaware of the struggles women can have when trying to find the dress of their dreams; especially if they happen to be larger than the ‘average’ girl on the street. 

I was greeted on the night by the lovely owner Rebecca who you may know as Rebecca Bryson MUA! Rebecca is a makeup artist by trade and specialises in Bridal and fashion. Rebecca welcomed me with open arms into her family home which is where the boutique is located. Her family were so welcoming and warm and really added a personal touch to the blogger event. I can imagine going to pick a wedding dress could be quite intimidating, particularly for a bigger bride so I think they have hit the nail on the head with this store. Appointments are longer than most other Bridal shops at 1.5hrs so you get a proper chance to have the full experience, try on lots of dresses and feel less pressured to make your mind up quickly. Rebecca and her lovely family gave me the back story to the foundation of the business and explained how that through Rebecca’s line of work they discovered a real gap in the market for a plus size Bridal retailer in not only Northern Ireland but Ireland as a whole. The stories of how women are struggling to find dresses to fit without having to order online were heartbreaking. The amount of women who aren’t able to get a dress to fit without being made to feel ‘fat’ in other wedding dress shops is alarming and that really shouldn’t be the case. 

Many girls dream of their wedding day and this shouldn’t be tainted by your dress size! Every woman is beautiful and deserves to be made to feel special and even more so in the lead up to (and on) their wedding day. 

Curvy Chic Bridal through customer feedback has quickly become a one stop shop for wedding attire! From Bridalwear to bridesmaids, to mother of the bride/groom as well as a stockist of boleros, veils and sparkly accessories; Curvy Chic Bridal has it all in one place! (Check out Kitty’s Jewels another local business!)

Curvy Chic carry UK sizes 16-44 in wedding gowns. It’s important to note however that Bridal sizes tend to be 2-3 sizes smaller which is something I was never aware of! In other words; a Bridal size 16 may actually be a size 12 on the UK high street!

And don’t worry if your bridesmaids aren’t plus size! Bridesmaid dress as well as mother of the bride/groom are carried in sizes 6-44 which is just fab! 

Zoe who works for Curvy Chic and model for the evening was on hand for any questions we had and showed us some of her top picks! Zoe also had a gorgeous Bridal makeup application by Rebecca on the night which was fascinating to watch. Sadly I don’t have Rebecca’s skills and so will therefore be unlikely to recreate! Haha! Rebecca is just home from Paris fashion week….as you do! Amazing! 

Brides are coming from as far as Tipperary to experience what Curvy Chic Bridal has to offer and I’m really not surprised that word is travelling far and wide about this little Bridal safe haven! Curvy Chic Bridal have really got something here and I wish them all the luck in the world. A truely inspirational local business who I hope go from strength to strength!

Special shout out to Betty’s bakes for the delightful cupcakes! Yum!

**Rebecca is offering 10% off wedding hair and makeup for any bride purchasing their dress from Curvy Chic Bridal so don’t miss out!**

For more information check out:

Twitter: @curvychicbridal

Instagram: @curvychicbridal


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