Cabin Zero bag review


So recently I have been working with a brand called Cabin Zero. If you haven’t heard of them (I hadn’t!) then I will give you a bit of a background to the company. 

Cabin Zero is the brainchild of Neil Varden who noticed a gap in the market for a durable cabin sized ‘backpack style’ bag for traveling, when on a trip to India back in 1993. The name derives from ‘cabin sized = zero hassles’ and that’s exactly what you get! Cabin Zero bags are designed to be cabin sized, lightweight, durable as well as stylish! 

If you check out their website you will see the various ranges, sizes and styles of bags available. The bag I have (and love) is the classic 44L ultra lightweight cabin bag in the colour ‘purple cloud’ which is the largest style available and retails at £60.00 GBP. Although this is a large bag, 55 x 40 x 20cm it is designed to still fit in most global  airline cabins including the likes of easyJet and Aer Lingus! These bags aren’t just practical though, they come with a lot of nifty features such as:

– Lockable zippers

– Thick padded shoulder straps 

– Fully lined

– 10 years warranty which is upgradable to 25 years for no added fee if you ‘like’ cabin zero on Facebook! 

– Built-in global luggage tracker provided by Okoban 

Cabin Zero bags are composed of a waterproof polyester on the outer layer which provides some protection to the bag itself as well as its contents and should therefore help keep your bag looking good for longer and prevent deterioration. 

I was so impressed by the global luggage tracker aspect of the bag as this was something I had never come across in a bag before but it’s genius! This feature is powered by Okoban. Each bag comes with a lost and found tag built in. Once you receive your bag, you simply register it on the Okoban website by entering your unique code. This means if you ever misplace your bag or it gets lost in transit that it can be returned to you if someone finds it! This feature creates a lifetime protection for your bag, how cool is that?!

Another feature I particularly like about my Cabin Zero bag are the dual handles, both at the top (as with standard backpacks) and on the side which can make it more like a suitcase and depending on what you have in your bag, can make it easier to carry. *This feature is present on the classic and vintage collections*

These bags are so lightweight! The classic collection (mine) weighs approx. 760g making it a perfect hand luggage option! I found  even when pretty full the bag still feels lightweight when worn on both shoulders and that’s my next point. Comfort! This bag is like none that I have ever tried before in that the straps don’t hurt! They are soft, padded and won’t weigh you down!

There are many different compartments for all your various needs. The zips are durable and the feeling of quality throughout is second to none. 

All in all I highly rate this backpack. Not only as a piece of luggage but as an everyday staple. Granted my 44L might be larger than what most people would want day to day but certainly the 28L would serve as a great school bag, uni bag or simply for doing your shopping! 

These bags are not only functional but stylish and personally I found it hard to choose! I went for a colour ‘purple cloud’ that I felt wasn’t too garish but would be visible when traveling and that I felt could be unisex enough for me and my boyfriend to use. He has used it already and really loved it too! 

Thanks Cabin Zero for my backpack, I love it and have got a lot of use out of it already! I am already planning future trips and my classic 44L will most definitely be coming with me! 

Check out @cabinzero on Instagram for more info! 

Use my promo code CZSCIENTIST at checkout for 10% off! 

Thanks for reading, 

Emz xx


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