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Hi guys,

Almost two weeks ago now I was invited down by the team at The White House teeth whitening specialists on the Lisburn Road, Belfast to avail of a full teeth whitening treatment. I couldn’t believe my luck as teeth whitening is something I have been really considering and especially with a wedding in less than two years I am starting to really think about cosmetic treatments such as this. Sorting out my skin is next on my list! 🙈

Having never tried any real form of teeth whitening in the past (other than whitening toothpaste) I wasn’t all to sure what to expect. I did some research online and seen that The White House has a number of high-street dental clinics in the UK and Ireland so if it’s something you are interested in then definitely have a look on their website and locate your nearest clinic.

The first impression I had was how incredibly EASY it was to book my appointment. Their online booking system is so simple and effective. One thing I did notice though is how busy the clinic is! With multiple appointments throughout the day, Monday to Friday, many were booked up at least a week or so in advance. I went for a Friday lunchtime slot. It was actually the only available appointment that day as the rest were fully booked but it was perfect for me as I was off work. The teeth whitening treatment takes around an hour start to finish.

When I arrived I was handed a questionnaire to fill out. The usual personal details, name, address and so on as well as some medical questions, allergies and the like.

Then I simply waited to be seen. I think they were running a little behind schedule so just something to note if you are thinking of squeezing it into your lunch break!

I went into the treatment room and my teeth were matched against a colour chart to identify what I was likely to expect as an end result. The clinic state that your teeth should whiten by up to 5 to 10 shades after the treatment. I was told to lie back in a comfy dental chair and a mouth guard was placed in my mouth to expose my teeth. Then a zero sensitivity whitening gel was applied. This gel is clinically proven to achieve results and is formulated with natural ingredients. A balm was applied to my lips to prevent them drying out and then an LED light was positioned over my teeth. The dentist then left the room while I lay comfortably watching TV and catching up on some emails on my phone! Bliss!

The treatment is divided into three 10-15 minute sessions. After each session the dentist returns to check on any sensitively, adjust the light and observe progression of the whitening process. It’s a very relaxing process, in fact I could feel myself drifting off each time so definitely non-invasive and very therapeutic!

At the end of the sessions the mouth guard was removed and I rinsed my mouth out. I looked in the mirror and I could see an INSTANT result! My teeth were really white! Delighted!

I was told not to eat or drink anything that could stain my teeth for the next 24hrs and to basically stick to white foods only! I made sure to really adhere to this rule as I was so happy with the initial results that I didn’t want to jeopardise anything! After that I went on my way. The Lisburn road clinic is such a handy location for shopping. There is on street parking and it is positioned on a bus route so it’s even handier to get to!

After sticking to my white diet for the next 24hrs I noticed my teeth still looked great. I would say my teeth whitened a few shades overall but they were never Hollywood white, but this is not what was promised either. I’d say the treatment left my teeth ‘naturally’ whiter looking. Not the fake white that you see celebrities with! If that’s what you are after then this probably isn’t really for you to be honest as you will be disappointed. However my teeth were noticeably whiter by others. My mum was really amazed by the results. She was relieved to see my smile was a natural white as I think when I told her I was going for teeth whitening she was a bit sceptical!

I have to admit over the last two weeks my teeth have started to dull down a LITTLE. They definitely aren’t as white as the day I got them done. I think this is a common thing, having read reviews I don’t seem to be the only person it has happened to as results all depend on the mineral content of your teeth. However my teeth are DEFINITELY whiter than they were at the start.

The full treatment is currently priced at £145. If, like me you are getting married then the clinic offer a bride and groom package (LOVE this idea) for £250!

The clinic provide top up sessions after you have had the initial teeth whitening process for anyone who wishes to maintain their healthy smile so I think I will definitely book in for one of these sessions in a years time. Currently £75.

Thank you so much to The White House clinic for covering the costs (£145) of my treatment. I am so glad I did it and overall I am really pleasantly surprised by the natural looking results!

Thanks so much for reading!

Check out The White House clinic @

Emz xx

#gifted (All opinions are honest and my own)


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