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Hi guys,

Skincare, love it or hate it?! Either way it’s extremely important to look after your skin. The younger you start the better too! I’m hoping 29 isn’t too late to get into a good skincare routine as I will be honest, until lately I haven’t really been consistent at looking after my skin. I think as a beauty product junkie and especially as a blogger it can be so easy to start and stop using a particular product or range or products due to snazzy advertising but when it comes to skincare you need to find a routine that works and stick to it! Otherwise your skin has no idea what’s going on and the result? Breakouts!

I have suffered with acne for most if not all of my 20s to a certain extent, some days/weeks and months are worse than others so for me in particular (especially with a wedding coming up in 2020) I want to start getting my skin looking fresh and most of all healthy!

The lovely folk at Ophrys skincare seemed to get in touch at the right time! My skin was having a serious SOS moment. The team asked if I would like to review their NEW skin and suncare range and when I explained to the company that I suffer with acne and blemishes they factored this into the skincare they sent me to try! Amazing!

The Ophry’s team were very generous and sent me out loads of goodies to try. Like I said, with skincare it’s important to let your skin get used to the products and it’s not until you have used something for a while that you can fully appreciate if it works for you or not. So with this in mind I have been very cautious with what I have used on my skin over the last few weeks and tried to focus only on Ophrys in order to give an honest review. So here goes…..

I was really looking forward to the facial cleanser. I wear makeup everyday, and so something that can remove my makeup and leave my skin feeling clean and fresh is a must! This product is specifically formulated for daily use even on sensitive skin which is fantastic! I liked the feel of my skin after using this cleanser but I didn’t find it’s ability to remove makeup to be the best. Maybe as a 2nd cleanser in a double cleanse scenario this product would work better, i.e. once you already have the bulk of your makeup removed. On ‘clean’ skin it’s much better.

One of my favourite products from the Ophry’s range has to be their facial protect (SPF46!)

The more makeup masterclasses I go to as a blogger the more it’s being drilled into me that I REALLY need to start using SPF on a daily basis as part of my skincare routine. Is it just me who didn’t know that even living in Belfast (of all places) that we are still being exposed to UVA and UVB rays everyday which can be harmful to the skin and promote signs of aging! For this reason I have incorporated this product into my daily skincare application! The lovely weather we are having at the minute is helping me to remember I need to use it but it’s not just in good weather we need to use SPF. The Ophry’s facial protect is particularly good for sensitive and acne prone skin! It is important to note that even if your foundation contains SPF; you should not solely rely on this and something like the Ophry’s facial protect can be used alongside this for ultimate protection. I have found the facial protect needs a minute or two to fully dry in, just something to note.

The Ophry’s eye gel is a hydrating and cooling cream that acts to combat fine lines and wrinkles. I really like this product as it FEELS like it’s working. Sounds silly I know but it’s thick consistency feels great on the skin. I have been applying this before bed rather than in the morning and it really refreshes my under eyes.

The Ophry skincare rich moisturiser is thick and creamy. clinically derived a little goes a long way! Like all the Ophry’s range, you really don’t need much product to do good, making it cost effective!

I have been using this moisturiser after showering. Particularly in this hot weather, I have been covering myself in this before bed and waking up feeling fully moisturised and hydrated with soft supple skin! It’s really great!

And finally, the anti-blemish cream which has been developed for oily and acne prone skin. It is meant to reduce tightness, irritation and redness in the skin whilst also providing intense hydration. It also claims to reduce the appearance of blackheads and pores. Does it work? For me, YES! It doesn’t happen overnight but definitely I have noticed visible signs of improvement in my skin! I have noticed longer gaps between blemishes, which I’m hoping will continue!

And now for the science bit….

The Ophry’s range is unique in that it contains Mini-HaX, a low molecular weight cross-linked hyaluronic acid technology which is fully patented and marketed under the name Ophry’s. Mini-HaX is able to fully penetrate all layers of the skin whilst also providing a protective coating on the outer surface of the skin. Due to the cross-linked composition of the Mini-HaX formula it is highly resistant to degradation by body enzymes and therein provides further protection to the skin’s surface. Mini-HaX combined with the other active ingredients found in the Ophry’s products also acts to enhance their performance adding to the effectiveness of this topical skincare range.

Overall I have been really impressed by this range. I have been incorporating the products into my morning and nighttime routine and plan to continue. The products have really helped me look at my skincare differently and of course I am loving the science behind this brand!

Skincare by Science!

Have you tried any of this range? Available in clinics only.

Thanks for reading,

Emz xx

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