Belfast Continental Market 2015

Today, Sunday 15/11/15 I visited the newly reopened Belfast Continental Market with my parents. 

This is the 11th year the market has returned to Belfast and it’s back in its usual spot, situated in the grounds of the Belfast city hall which is a prime location right in the heart of the city. 

As always I had to have a bratwurst from the German sausage stand and my mum got to satisfy her Churro craving (she’s actually obsessed). 

Personally I think the market is better than ever this year! The layout seemed different and more accessible. It was a very wet day and this may have put some people off which made it easy enough to walk around and get a good look at all the stalls, however I still thought the crowds would have been worse considering it only opened the day before. There seemed to be some different marketeers this year, a bit more variety, some new crafts and food to choose from which is a very welcome addition in my books!  Last November I visited Berlin and was lucky enough to experience some true German Christmas markets, they are fab but I have to admit Belfast is certainly up there with a festive atmosphere and cultural feel.

Check out some of my snaps…


Are you planning to check out the Christmas market this year? If so, check out the opening times below. 


Thanks for reading!

Emz xx


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