Eddie Rockets launches itself onto the Lisburn road

This week I ventured to the new (and highly anticipated) Eddie Rockets on the Lisburn Road, Belfast. 

As a long time fan of the 1950’s diner style restaurant, having always visited when in the South of Ireland, I was thrilled to hear they were landing a little closer to home! 

Was I impressed? By the food yes of course! What’s not to like about burgers and fries, not to mention their delicious milkshakes. But by the service, no not really. It is expected if you are going to visit any Eddie rockets that you will have to queue (be warned) and indeed this is what happened. That wasn’t a problem. The guy that took our order however wasn’t the most friendly or efficient and maybe that’s because the store is still very new and staff are still learning the menu etc but not a great start. We ordered and the food arrived, it was great….until my friend and boyfriend decided they wanted dessert (I was in a food coma by this stage so decided I best not haha), we waited and waited for someone to take our order and collect our plates and in the end we spent our time trying to catch the attention of any staff member we could find. This took a long time as most if not all of the staff seemed to be behind the counter. When we did order I must say that the lady was very pleasant and helpful. 

All in all, I enjoyed my first visit and no doubt I will go again but the service tainted my experience and I found this disappointing. However if you are after a novelty place to eat on the Lisburn road and fancy something naughty, definitely pay a visit! 



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