‘Appy’ Valentine’s Day-Find a date night that won’t break the bank with these money-saving apps on the Vodafone Smart Prime 7 #ad

Happy Valentines day everyone!

It doesn’t matter whether you spend it with your pals, family or significant other, valentines day is a day for showing those you love the most just how much they mean to you!

That said, it doesn’t have to cost the earth and in fact sometimes the best fun and the most romantic of gestures often cost the least. With valentines falling on a Tuesday this year most people will have to settle for celebrating the day after work or plan to make up for it properly at the weekend. Either way the Vodafone Smart Prime 7 which I have been kindly sent for review has you covered! (And you will be quids in too!)

Vodafone Smart Prime 7, £75 Pay as you go

The Vodafone Smart Prime 7  is a stylish, super-slim and easy-to-use smartphone that’s full of top-notch features for a ground-breaking price of just £16 per month or £70 Pay as you go. This android 6.0 smartphone is ideal for selfie lovers like me with its fab camera features. When you are ready to take a photo just double-press the volume key and the Smart Prime 7 will automatically switch to camera mode! The front-facing camera is 5 megapixels with a two-finger shutter trigger producing high quality images. Just wanting to take a snap of your bae? Then the rear facing 8 megapixel camera with OmniVision sensor will be sure to impress with its ability to produce high resolution images and excellent image quality.

The Vodafone Smart Prime 7 stands up to its competitors as it comes with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and a long-lasting battery to keep you going throughout the day. The super-slim 7.9mm gadget offers a tactile, trendy, jewel-like back cover with a quality metal frame and precision-machined aluminium side keys. Weighing in at just 128g!

The vibrant and vivid colours are enhanced by the high-definition screen. This is perfect for viewing all your date night photos, ideal for gaming, or watching movies and videos, in outstanding detail. The in-built IPS screen technology means you can enjoy the same clarity from any angle, perfect if you are watching something together whilst snuggled on the sofa.

As with most smartphones there are a number of preset apps already built into the phone but the android store opens up a whole new world of downloadable applications to suit your needs and lets face it, make your life a little easier.

With it being Valentines this week I thought I would highlight some of the best apps around to help you have the most cost-effective date night all at the touch of a button on the Vodafone Smart Prime 7.

Vouchercloud: Android (FREE)

Vodafone Group takes controlling stake in Vouchercloud

If you’re looking for savings, vouchercloud is your one-stop online companion to the best deals, offers and discount codes available both online and in-store! From restaurants to fashion, this app has it all.

Uber: Android (FREE) *Get yourself some discount with my referral code: emmam5290ue


Image result for uber

If you follow my instagram @scientist_in_the_city then you will know I recently used Uber for the first time myself and I loved how efficient the service was. One tap of a button and a car comes directly to you. Hop in and your driver knows exactly where to go. And when you get there, just step out. Payment is completely seamless which is perfect for date night when you don’t want to argue over who is paying for the fare!  I personally found the price to be very competitive also.

Hotel Tonight: Android (FREE)

Image result for hoteltonight

This app is fab! Amazing last-minute deals at top-rated hotels. The ease of the handy app allows you to book wherever, whenever on your smartphone device for tonight, tomorrow or even next week!

So there we have it, the Vodafone Smart Prime 7! Having been an iphone only kinda gal for the last few years I will admit that this phone would never really have crossed my mind before. But having used it for the last few days I have to say its very comparable to not only the iphone but especially the samsung galaxy family in it’s layout and design. Personally for the price you can’t really go wrong! In fact, if you are looking for a lovely valentines gift why not even consider this as its only £70 and certainly one of the cheapest I have seen on the market that is capable of all it can do. Even if your are a loyal apple consumer this is definitely a great back-up phone to have as a spare and definitely one I will consider the next time I am in the market for a new phone!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great valentines day no matter who you are with or what you decide to do. Most importantly I hope it’s been made more budget friendly with some of the apps I have mentioned!



Emma xx

*Disclosure- I was kindly sent this product for review but I am not being paid for this post. All my opinions are honest and my own.*


  1. It looks like a great phone, but I can’t get away from Apple. I’ve tried Android and had to give it back within the 14 day cooling period (not this. phone)
    Great review x


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