Maybelline the falsies push up angel mascara vs. Clinique high impact curling mascara review!

Hi guys, 

Over the last two weeks I have been trying out the new maybelline the falsies push up angel mascara. I literally couldn’t wait to post this review as I LOVE it but it reminded me so much of my all time favourite mascara that I thought I might do a litttle comparison review.

My holy grail mascara for the last I don’t even know how many years (I’m going to guess maybe like 7?!) has been, without doubt, the Clinique high impact curling mascara. I have never mentioned it on the blog before and it’s not a mascara I EVER hear mentioned in the blogging world but it’s honestly brill! It’s not high street prices though at around £21 a pop but I always find it’s worth the splurge. I usually find myself picking it up in an airport at duty free as Clinique is usually there and a little discounted so if you see it then this is usually the cheapest place to pick it up! 😉 

The reason I believe this mascara works so well is due to the curved wand. It’s shaped like the eye and so reaches every part of the lash line. It makes it super easy to coat every lash, even the shorter inner corner ones. I like the bristles and the feeling of the brush touching the lashes right at the root. You can literally feel the brush lifting the lashes as you brush it through. I always curl my lashes prior to applying mascara, force of habit, but regardless of this step this mascara genuinely seems to create a curl and definitely creates length and volume. It’s amazing stuff! Of course, if you prefer a much more natural lash look then this mascara may not be your cup of tea. I like the full lash look and like to look like I’m actually wearing mascara which this does. It lasts all day and you can literally pick it off your lashes at the end of the day (one of my guilty pleasures haha) but seriously it has excellent hold!      

In the the last two weeks however I think I may have found a new high street competitor for my beloved Clinique! The maybelline the falsies push up angel mascara has ALL the qualities I love about the Clinique mascara without the bristles and instead comes with a curved plastic wand. I don’t tend to try any other mascaras because I’m so set on my no.1 but this literally caught my eye….get it?! Oh dear!

The first application of this formulation is so smooth and glides on. One criticism or point to note with the Clinique one is it can take a few applications before the consistency becomes just right on the wand but with this maybelline one it’s just right every time! No clumping, no build up on the wand and no mess. There is instantly a noticeable difference in the lashes with the very first stroke and wait until you hear the price! Normally the maybelline mascara is due to retail at around £7.99 but this week it’s in savers at £4.48! Please note this isn’t an ad, it’s just a damn good offer so I’m stocking up now! 

Now I’m not sure I would say the maybelline mascara holds the lashes just as tightly all day as the Clinique but it’s VERY close! And given the price difference it’s an incredible dupe! 

I’d love to hear your holy grail mascaras in the comments! 

Thanks for reading, 

Emz x

Maybelline the falsies push up angel mascara


Clinique high impact curling mascara


  1. Oh I’m loving the sound of this 🙂 I switch up so much as I can’t find what I really want. I do always use the Dior primer as a Base, but like you I love big lashes so I’m going to try this out myself now 🙂 x

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