Lola Makeup collaboration

Hi everyone,

Taking a break from fashion posts this week and instead I have a fab beauty brand to share with you all!

Myself and a few other NI bloggers are collaborating with the brand Lola Makeup; the NEW sponsor of Britain’s Next Top Model! I’m not gonna lie, I’m very excited!

In this first post I will highlight 3 of the products I have been sent to review. Including an eyeshadow, lip liner and lipstick.

1. Satin eyeshadow (042) £7.50

This eyeshadow lives up to its name satin. It has a subtle sheen to it. Not glitter, not metallic but a really lovely highlight effect. I would describe this shade as a peachy coral colour with a gold iridescence running through it.

It’s a stunning eyeshadow but personally I have also tried it as a blush/highlight combo and it’s fantastic for this. It’s important to remember that makeup is meant to be fun! So play around with it and think outside the box! Just because something is labelled as a ‘blush’ or an ‘eyeshadow’ it doesn’t mean that’s all it can be used for (depending on the colour and how daring you are of course!)

On the cheekbone this provides a hint of a glow and is beautiful especially over a tan or darker skin. I can’t wait to try out some more of these in other colours.

2. Lip pencil/liner (007) £7.95

I will be honest I’m not a user of lip pencils. I mean, I have purchased them in the past but generally I skip that step and head straight to the lipstick regardless of colour. I’m fortunate to have bigger lips and so I personally find using a pencil to line my lips a bit unnecessary and I feel like it makes me look like the joker! Haha

I figured I would give this one a go and although I’m not sure I’m converted I certainly preferred it over most others that I have tried before. Firstly, this lip pencil is SOFT. Meaning it’s not dragging on the lips. I have previously tried pencils that have hurt as they were so hard and it was a struggle to get a straight line never mind see any pigment. I have also tried pencils that are too soft and don’t therefore give a definite line. However, this lip pencil would fall neatly in the middle of this. It’s soft enough to not drag on the skin but not too soft so that it creates that clown lip effect…never a good look! The pigment is excellent also. 007 is a gorgeous red.

This pencil is unique too in that one end is a lip brush. Again not a makeup item I tend to use but I gave it a whirl on this occasion. Again my first impression is it’s soft. But pointed enough to help with application.

3. Lipstick (114/Red Velvet) Matte long lasting colour £11.95

And now we come to my favourite item of the three…the lipstick!

A big fan of lipstick I knew I was going to like this. I love a red lip and when I seen the name ‘Red Velvet’ I was very happy. Yes this lipstick gives a matte finish but it is surprisingly moisturising and smooth on the lips. Velvet (like the name) is the perfect description of what this lipstick feels like on.

I decided to wear this lipstick to Belfast Fashion Week on Friday and I will admit I was nervous of it’s staying power but combined with the lip liner it didn’t budge and I didn’t have to reapply before going home even after having something to drink. This colour is intense and vivid and if you like a classic red lip then this is the perfect shade to go for. The liner and lipstick complemented each other brilliantly and I will definitely be pairing them together again!

Lola Makeup is available to purchase in Northern Ireland and Ireland in Menarys department stores.

Also available online:

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