Graciously good food at The Sagart

Hi guys!

Last Saturday I was privileged enough to be invited down to check out The Sagart on Chapel Lane, Belfast (out the back of Castlecourt shopping centre nestled next to Havana Bank Square!)

With my fiancé in tow we headed for some dinner on a gorgeous summers evening. The town was buzzing, people were outside Kelly Cellars (just across from The Sagart) enjoying a drink and basking in the last of the days rays. The atmosphere in the city was fab!

We nipped inside to what I had seen described as the smallest bar in Belfast and yes it’s true! The Sagart is tiny! But This simply adds to its charm! It’s quirky and different; a little gem of a place that you NEED to visit!

We were greeted by a lovely waitress (sorry I didn’t catch her name!) who had a table reserved for us by the door. There is only a few tables in the bar/restaurant with a couple more outside if you want to dine al fresco! After dandering around the town doing a bit of shopping beforehand we were definitely ready for some grub and a refreshing drink so when ordering we asked if they did any mocktails. The lovely waitress went out of her way to throw something together for us. She asked us what flavours we liked and then rustled up a tropical fruity concoction….unreal! Especially on a day like that, it went down a treat!

The premise behind The Sagart menu is ‘saint vs. sinner’. That means you can go for a healthy superfood dish or a devilish naughtier option.

The menu is a play on the fact that The Sagart means ‘Priest’ in Irish and it’s location is on Chapel lane, next to St. Mary’s Chapel…genius! (When the lovely manager told us this my mind was blown!)

There are no prizes for guessing that the Mr and I both sinned and went for the naughty menu option! I’m sorry but the photo in the menu of the burger was just TOO tempting…for both of us. We are weak! I suppose for a fully rounded review it might have been good for one of us to go for a saint option…but where is the fun in that! Haha I guess we will just have to go back!

The Sagart is comfortably cute with Instagram-worthy decor and a relaxed vibe but more importantly really great food!

Our menu choice was the ‘devilish burger with skin on fries’ and it was simply devine! The perfect size and really tasty with a yummy battered onion ring inside. A really great meal from start to finish!

The great thing I think about the saint vs dinner menu is the variety and choice. Eating out with friends can be difficult if you each have different preferences. The Sagart however has got you covered! I know myself if I’m on a diet that the idea of eating out can be daunting as you don’t want to undo all your good work. This way you can still enjoy a delicious meal in your favourite restaurant without a shadow of guilt!

Thanks again to The Sagart for a fantastic meal and even better service! We BOTH thoroughly enjoyed our meal and both can’t wait for our next date night here!

Definitely check it out guys!

Thanks for reading,

Emz xx

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